119 Palm Treat

119 Avenue Des Plages De La Bo, 5 Lot Vanina Bay, 97150 St Martin

Unique in St Martin! Brunch, bubble tea, crêpes, chimney cone, glaces, milkshakes...

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Pick Sxm by Laura Antonelli


Aesthetic appeal and sophistication are the watchwords of this private chef and caterer from the Ritz Escoffier school in Paris. Laura Antonelli cultivates her art with the high standards that took her to first place in her category at the 2023 Culinary Festival.

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Les Oliviers

101 boulevard de grand case 

Les Oliviers in Grand Case offers a rooftop dining experience with sea views and delicious Southern French cuisine.

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La Favela

Immeuble Alamanda, place de la baie orientale

Welcome to La Favela, your go-to destination for an exquisite dining experience in Saint Martin.

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All tastes are in Saint-Martin

A guide to Saint-Martin’s friendly cuisine

Because the richness of the island is widely expressed through its gastronomy, discover our restaurants guide. A must-read for every gourmet or curious foodie to make the most of the island… À table!

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